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Midwest Title Loans in St.Joseph Missouri already made over 300% from me being a good customer for over a year which I didnt mind but Stealing my Vehicle leaving my 7 year old and I Stranded in of all places Nebraska!

lol Why not at a local grocery store????????If I would of caught em driving away it could of been a diffrent situation not knowing who they were!

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Midwest Title Loans in St.Joe Missouri Reposed my Vehicle without giving me and my 7 year old a chance to retrieve our personal belongings.

After taking out 4 previous loans with St. Joe Midwest Title Loans 64507 on South Belt Highway. I was treated like a king being offered more and more money each time I repaid them. Only a couple months behind on this last Title Loan at Midwest Title Loans in St.

Joseph Missouri I dropped in to pick up my son in Falls City Nebraska at my sisters house in sub-zero temperatures we came out to find our Vehicle gone and Repossessed by Midwest Title Loans of St. Joe Missouri. (64507). I felt used, ashamed, and pissed off at the time!

I paid them thousands of dollars of 300% Interest and thought I was a good customer of Midwest Title Loans of St. Joe.

Missouri.I will continue to fight Midwest Title Loans Through my blog at http://autorepairsavings.blogspot.com/

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Logansport, Indiana, United States #654900

How is 304.17% apr legal!?How can they charge consumer 13000$ for a 2200$ loan?

That's why this country is so ***!Try to repo my *** and you probly won't go home repo man!


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Now you add it atoxic for me to see and obligate the intention.Interact you for the analeptic.



I really enjoyed this brilliant blog.Please keep them coming.

Greets !This is a in fact good read for me, Must admit that you are human being of the best bloggers I ever saw.Thanks for posting this informative article.



you all people dont understand how this works now days...

im a repoman myself and how would you like it if i repo your vehicle after you were late 2 days, is that fair? sometimes people forget but banks and other institutes are looking for this to resale your vehicle and make more money...

Get into the repo business so you all can understand the process


Just based on what you are saying, they did everything that they were allowed to do. And if you pay your bills, this won't happen. It may seem wrong to you but they are in business to make money, not take care of people.


a repo man is not obligated to let you get anything from you car when hes pulling away with it. maybe you should have paid your bills


Let me understand this correctly.You take our a loan on a car and don't pay it on time.

They then come and reposses it and you get mad.

Really?Make the payment on time and this won't happen.

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